Her excellency Muferihat said that during the institutional acquaintances of the newly reestablished
labor and skill minster, held October 19 at Grand Eliana hotel Addis Ababa. In her opening statement she
underlined that the ministry is in a strategic position to transform the national labor market in particular
and the socio-economic landscape of Ethiopia in general. To this end, she said leaders and civil servants
of the minister shall learn from yesterday, plan for tomorrow and work in synergy for the upcoming
strategic intervention.
The state minister Honorable Mr. Nigussu Tilahun, said that the establishment of the Ministry is a land
mark in the history of Ethiopian to properly address issues related to lack of regulatory framework,
sustained administrative support and inadequate business skill that are fueling the national
unemployment Challenge. He added that the ministry is a right organization at the right time to
coordinate and lubricate the national job creation effort.
The institutions, which will be integrated under the Ministry of Labor and Skill have discussed after they
revealed their subsequent processes, results and problems.

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