FDRE Jobs Creation Commission of Ethiopia in collaboration with Mastercard Foundation Piazza Communication launched a nationwide curated portal, Yegara.org, to connect startups with financers. This milestone aligns with the Plan of Action for Job Creation by transforming the business ecosystem to build vibrant and growth-oriented Enterprises.

The project, financed by Mastercard Foundation, will lay the foundation to the advancement of angel investment practice that will bring together all ecosystem players to help the innovative young entrepreneurs.

Identifying and co-implementing alternative, innovative, financing mechanisms is one of the ways the FDRE Jobs Creation Commission is employing efforts in order to support the private sector development.

Yegara.org is a portal with an aim to provide ecosystem-focused, and innovative financing service through motivated team and state-of-the-art technology. On this Platform, startups create profiles and advertise themselves for investors and investors will have an array of startups to choose and partner with. This eliminates the challenges for startups to access finance and helps investors find a suitable businesses with organized profiles and structured needs.

On this portal, new businesses promote their information to financers; investors can then find businesses they want to invest in and become supporting partners. It is going to bring entrepreneurs, investors, collaborators and innovators together to further support the startup

ecosystem and dynamically contribute in filling the gap of the critical need for access to finance. Through its community of change-makers, it’s anticipated that it will serve as one of the alternative ways of financing to fuel Entrepreneurship and Job creation in Ethiopia.

Registering on the portal is free from payment. Entrepreneurs can simply register their businesses on www.yegara.org and submit of all the necessary information. Thereafter, the businesses will get verified upon fulfilling of the requested documents in accord to the received verification.
The same process applies to investing partners registering on the platform.

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