The courtesy meeting was held to discuss on ways to further strengthen the partnership between the two organizations. Over the last 2 years the World bank has been supporting the Commission to bridge key gaps in job intermediation services by building on the existing infrastructure, including OSSCs, and Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs).

In addition, the World Bank has been supporting the establishment of the national Labor Market Information System. The world bank is also currently providing technical support to the Commission by deploying technical experts to support the development of the LMIS system.

The high-level delegation was further briefed on the Plan of Action for Job Creation and a thorough discussion was held on the implementation strategies.

H.E Nigussu Tilahun, Jobs Creation Commission Commissioner, appreciated the World Bank’s interest to continue the strong partnership and insighted potential collaboration interest of the commission on improving access to finance for SMEs, Capacity Building of existing One stop service centers in addition to the Work readiness program the Commission will be starting shortly.

Mr. Dione reaffirmed the Commitment of the World Bank to focus its support by investing drivers for growth Auch as Infrastructure, Agriculture, Urban development and general poverty reduction.

He stressed on Ethiopia’s capacity to create quality jobs by exploiting its natural resources and infrastructure like the Ethiopian Airlines and specific sectors like Agriculture and Tourism. These sectors, in addition to creating jobs, can drive the country’s Home-Grown Economic reforms in congruence with reforming the business environment and enabling the private sector to contribute to Job creation.

He also commended the ambitious plan of the Commission stating a famous African Saying “The Long March starts with a step ahead” by heavily stressing on the due focus required on sectors that can create large number of Jobs. Going forward, He assured that the World Bank will continue the institutional support on knowledge management, be supporting the analytics and the quality of Jobs Created in Ethiopia to device an Ethiopian led Model for Job Creation.

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