The Jobs Creation Commission of Ethiopia, Zenysis Technologies, Inc. and Big Win Philanthropy signed a strategic partnership agreement to kick off a digital project that will enable evidence-based decision making through the aggregation of employment data. This agreement represents a significant step in the Commission’s efforts to accelerate the creation of 20 million decent and sustainable jobs by 2030.

The project, financed by Big Win Philanthropy’s contribution of 500,000 USD, will lay the foundation to the development of the Labor Market Information System (LMIS) that will bring together employment data from various sources, generate intelligence and insights for policy and strategy making as well as for use by various actors in the job creation ecosystem including employers, jobs seekers and employment agencies. The project, which will be completed in six months, was launched in the presence of Commissioner Dr. Ephrem Tekle, Dr. Adetokunbo Oshin, Program Director at Big Win Philanthropy and Mr. Dawit Kassa, Country Director for Zenysis Technologies.

Big data and analytics technologies have been used around the world to bring reliable and timely information to decision-makers and analysts and enable them to make evidence-based decisions. Often, governments and international development partners are faced with the challenging task of integrating disparate information systems which may differ from one another in technology, data granularity and vocabulary used. This new partnership and project will empower the Commission with the technology and knowledge required to achieve a global view of the country’s employment data systems, improve strategy and policy decisions, optimize job creation initiatives and increase their transparency and accountability to the public.

This initiative comes at an important time for the Commission as it seeks to leverage new and innovative information technologies in order to accelerate job creation.

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