Under its mandate to facilitate a fertile ground for the private sector to create employment opportunities, Jobs Creation Commission partnered with Belcash since its establishment to support the implementation of projects that create jobs and to test innovative and novel ideas through close monitoring of impact as well as facilitation of scaling up.

Amongst several such Projects, Belcash, with its Hello hub- Digital Hubs project piloted the concept of a digital Hub that gives access to a host of digital services Nationwide. This project is expected to create jobs for more than 45,000 franchise entrepreneurs in the process. Located in strategic areas to serve the maximum of people from the smallest administrative levels in rural areas to central places, nationwide, Hello Hubs provide access to Connectivity/ Airtime, Mobile Banking, Household Solar, and eCommerce of consumer goods and services.

After visiting Hello Solar that assembles Solar-powered lamps, Televisions, and radios, as well as several utilities, the commissioner admired the efforts as they are fully focused on improving rural lifestyles by offering affordable, flexible, and innovative solutions.

He also visited Hello Market, a marketplace for SMEs to sell their products. This marketplace is especially suitable for those producing locally and needs market linkage/ access. HelloMarket offers them online selling space and advertisement of their products on its social media outlets. This alleviates the burdens of finding shops to sell and minimizes the cost of the rent.

In addition, BeSingularity, which is a training space for sales professionals is strategically located within the Belcash team as it provides high-quality, 5days training to fresh sales professionals.
In the near future, Belcash has finalized preparations to launch its mobile Kiosks that will provide all the services of Hello Hubs, Hello market, Hello solar, and more in one place. A total of 15,000 Kiosks will be located in rural areas.

At the end of the visit, the Commissioner emphasized that such private institutions’ involvement in the Job Creation arena is very crucial to respond to the demands of employment in Ethiopia. In addition, such technology-driven efforts will immensely alleviate the challenges of reaching out to every corner of the country. He also assured that the JCC is always ready and will welcome the private sector to collaborate and put the Jobs agenda at the forefront of the solutions to an economically strong country.

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