The mission led by VP Beth Dunford was met with H.E Nigussu Tilahun (Commissioner- Jobs Creation Commission), HE Lelise Neme (Commissioner- Ethiopian Investment Commission), HE Sani Redi (State Minister- Ministry of Agriculture), HE Gashaw Tenaw (Advisor to Minister for Trasport) & HE Solomon Desta (Deputy Vice Governor to National Bank of Ethiopia) as Job creation is heavily reliant on investment, access to finance, agriculture, and infrastructure development.

HE Commissioner Nigussu Tilahun appreciated Africa Development Bank for its ongoing support on infrastructure development in Ethiopia and expressed his gratitude to the delegation for continuing the deliberation on a technical level from the high-level discussions held between HE Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D.) and the Banks President Dr. Adesina Akinwumi upon his visit to Addis Abeba.

Going forward, the Commissioner emphasized on continuing the strategic partnership with AfDB, with a special focus on Digital Innovation for local MSMEs and youth-led start-ups, Strengthening the Enabling Environment to unlock employment opportunities, Supporting the labor Market to be inclusive, Developing and strengthening of Labor Market information system, Capacity building OSSCs, School to Work Transition and work readiness programs.

VP Beth Dunford appreciated the coordinated effort between the different Ministries to deliver on the plan of creating jobs for the Ethiopian youth and reflected on her team’s experience while visiting the industrial parks.

She also recognized the Government of Ethiopia for establishing the Commission and the consequent coordination platforms to sustainably execute the plans similar to AfDB’s “job for youth strategy” to strictly include job creation in all sectors.

The deliberation was concluded with agreement from both institutions to continue the discussions and advance to implementation stages soon.

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