The Jobs Creation Commission in collaboration with Jet Age Nation Builders (JANB), a mission focusing on empowerment and Sustainable Development held a night of Recognition of Nation Building through youth empowerment & Job creation.

Commissioner NigussuTilahun in his remarks stressed that the New Era of Nation-building falls heavily on the youth & young leaders as they are the vast majority of the population. He also emphasized that Citizens with Sustainable & Decent jobs are pillars of Building a Nation.
Youth with Jobs coupled with conducive and inclusive environments, will focus on development and contribute to the growth of their nations.
He also sighted the findings of the Plan of Action for Jobs Creation & the ongoing reform plans focus on drafting a sound youth employment & empowerment policy options that would serve as a pillar around which a strong & self-sufficient nation is built!

The inspirational presentations by participants also emphasized on the relevance of synergy between Government organizations and institutions to create Synergy between Nations to deliver a comfortable Africa for the upcoming Young generation.

The JetAge 2021 event held workshops, networking sessions for youth from African countries, panel discussions & inspiration sessions. In Addition, 2 Ethiopian Young Entrepreneurs were awarded as Emerging continental Entrepreneur & Africa Dream Award by the JetAge Nation Builders

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