The IT professionals have undergone a 4 months intense Digital Skills bootcamp training in 6 curriculum. Upon invitation, 900 participants registered and 50 wert filtered based on the entrance requirement.

Based on the trainings they took, the professionals have acquired the skills to develop data management and analysis applications for multiple sectors, to build systems that can analyze and present data to decision makers, and to implement new technologies.

In his message to the graduates, H.E Nigussu Tilahun, Commissioner of the FDRE Jobs Creation Commission, said the youth are relied upon to develop 21st Century skills needed by the Labor Market, should equip themselves and encourage others to join the digital economy. He added, “preparing the Labor force to match the need of the Labor market is a one of the pillars with in the 5 Year Plan of Action for job Creation, and it is the right time to enable our youth to cope with the fast-paced global digital transformation!”. He appreciated the support of Gebeya Talent & UNDP for their support to realize the ambitious plan of the Commission.

The trainees have been endorsed of having the potential to be work for international organizations that operate by outsourcing to freelancers and will also sit for a certification examination from Microsoft to validate them to work for international companies. This is believed to significantly increase the number of Jobs created on digital platforms.

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