FDRE Jobs Creation Commission with the support of Big Win Philanthropy and in partnership with Zenysis Technologies began the second phase of the Jobs Enablement and Data Interoperability (JEDI) Platform expansion.

JEDI Platform was developed by Zenysis Technologies in 2020 to enable evidence-based decision-making through the aggregation of employment data and alleviate the challenges of integrating disparate information systems which may differ from one another in technology, data granularity and vocabulary used.

The expansion of the Platform will integrate 18 additional data sources into the JEDI platform, including job creation reports, education data, and labor force and employment surveys. This will improve the Commission’s program monitoring and labor market analysis capabilities, and allow the Commission to accelerate job creation. Phase 2 will begin in May 2021 and is expected to take nine months to complete.

H.E Nigussu Tilahun, Commissioner of FDRE Jobs Creation Commission stated, the expansion initiative comes at an important time for the Commission as it is preparing to develop a Labor Market Services System that will digitize and automate services for job seekers, employers, and employment agencies. In addition, he reinforced the relevance of a consolidated database to make informed decisions for policy-making and such technology-based solutions will deliver quality output to realize the Commission’s job creation plans.

Mr. Jonathan Stambolis, CEO of Zenysis on his part said “We are proud to support the government of Ethiopia in its aim to create 20 million jobs by 2030. The enhanced JEDI platform will help the JCC improve employment initiatives and speed up job creation by showing the Commission what employment and investment gaps and opportunities exist.”

“The JEDI platform is a key component to the creation of millions of sustainable jobs that provide a livable wage,” said Mr.Edward Muguza, Program Director, Big Win Philanthropy. “We are proud to continue our support for employment generation in Ethiopia, as we work to address other development priorities, including childhood education and malnutrition.”

The JEDI Platform will undergo the expansion phase with the financial support of USD 524,000 from Big Win Philanthropy and the technical support of Zenysis.

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