The World Bank Ethiopian director and his team held curtesy meeting in Ministry of Labor and
Skills. Labor and Skills Minister H.E Muferihat Kamil explained to them about the ministry and
discussed the development of job and skills.
World Bank Ethiopia Director Osman Dion said Ethiopia should use its resources as a country
with a large youth, working sectors such as agriculture and tourism. After discussing the job
creation experience of different countries, he said the World Bank is ready to provide support,
both technically and professionally.
H.E Minister Muferihat praised World bank previous bilateral support in Ethiopia and for their
initiative to work together on an ongoing traverse. In addition, Muferihat said ‘’ it is our future
direction to qualify the one thousand and six hundred technical and vocational institutions in
Ethiopia, connect the idea of job creation with the education system, transferring knowledge
and technology, useing agriculture and tourism to turn Ethiopia's potential into jobs that could
include large numbers of people’’

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