Jobs Creation Commission, in addition to the policy Analytics works, is striving to fill the gap in the Labor market inclusiveness of Women, People with disabilities, People living on the streets, Internally displaced Citizens and Returnees.

The returnees have been contributing to the Economy of the country by sending remittance, have acquired skills in their stay in different countries. Hence, with minimal support they are able to create jobs and can employ others as well. Taking this into consideration and the information on the number of returnees from Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the project will be implemented in Oromia & Amhara Regions as well as Addis Ababa to support 600 Women and Youth to have an opportunity of decent jobs.

On the launching ceremony H.E Ato Nigussu Tilahun, Jobs Creation Commission Commissioner stated that the Ethiopian labor market is not inclusive of certain society groups and the commission’s 10-year plan of action comprises of a pillar strategically focusing on the implementation of inclusivity. To make this a reality, the Commission is partnering with other Government and Non-government stakeholders.

Since, the commission is a mandated entity to lead and coordinate the jobs Agenda of the country and creating sustainable jobs is not a task to be left for Government only, the project implemented with East African Bottling Share Company is an exemplary private public partnership. In addition, he acknowledged and reiterated the need to create sustainable jobs through similar programs with other private sector actors in the near future.

Mr. Daryl Wilson, Managing Director of East African Bottling Share Company remarked Coca-Cola has been in business in Ethiopia for the past 60 years and on top of selling soft drinks has been contributing to the society in its Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. By creating more than 2 500 direct and more than 50 000 indirect jobs in the country and empowering more than 14 000 youth and women as part of its plastic collection and recycling projects. The inclusion project signed with the Jobs Creation commission is part of its commitment to economically empower women and youth returnees from overseas.

The project is valued at 20 million birr to build 150 Kiosks and will create a source of income to benefit 600 women and youth returnees

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