The Jobs Creation Commission commenced a three-day long consultative workshop to gather input for a National Plan of Action for the creation of 14 million jobs in Ethiopia until 2025. Commissioner Dr. Ephrem stated the workshop aims to identify the necessary interventions to overcome the challenges in the labor market and to ensure the creation of sustainable jobs.

The workshop, which opened on 17 August 2019, involved collaborative problem-solving and consensus building with stakeholders from development partners and, from public and private sector offices, to identify key interventions for selected thematic areas namely Active Labor Market Programs and Employability, Skills Development and, Employment Services and Labor Market Information.

Additionally, the workshop will focus on 11 prioritized sub-sectors, including Construction, Horticulture, Information and Communication Technology, Leather, Renewable Energy, Textile and Apparel, Poultry, Mining, Food and Beverage, Tourism and Creative Arts. This sub-sectors are believed to have untapped opportunities for the creation of more jobs in the coming years.

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