Ministry of Innovation and Sceince

The Ministry's mandate includes:

Develop and implement Ethiopia’s human resource development plans in the field of science, technology and innovation;

cooperate with the concerned organs
Establish and implement a system for granting prizes and incentives to individuals and institutions who have contributed to the advancement of science, technology and innovations

The flagship projects of the Ministry includes:

I. ICT Park

The park lies on 200 ha of land behind Bole International Airport, in Bole District, Addis Ababa. It provides working space with fast Internet services, adequate power supply, reliable data security, and affordable land and related inputs as well as many incentives. The park also provides one-window service by various governmental institutions, including banking and financial institutions.. More than 70 ICT companies have joined the park so far.

II. Innovation award and research grants
Started in 2009, the National Science and Technology Innovation Award has so far awarded more than 1500 innovators.

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For every entrepreneur/ preferably group of entrepreneurs, Government provides support though these services are generic, the complete availability and delivery quality may vary from place to place.These supports are:Finance from Microfinance institutions
Training on entrepreneurship and key business skills
Working and Marketing spaces/shades
Plot of land for those whose project needs one (expect a delay due to backlog)
Market linkages through exhibitions and availing shared shops."