Alemtsehay Dersolign Legesse (MBA)Innovative Jobs and Projects

Alemtsehay Dersolign Legesse is the Director of Innovative Jobs and Projects Directorate for the Jobs Creation Commission. Preceding her current role at the Commission, Alemtsehay worked as Vocational Training Guidance Officer at Agar Ethiopia Charitable Society and as a Team leader at Women in Self- Emplacement. Before that, she was working as an Entrepreneurship Team Leader at the Federal TVET Agency and as an Assistant Lecturer in Business Fields. Alemtsehaye has also worked on developing different manuals related to women empowerment and was responsible for the training of Women in Textile and Garment Industries.

Alemtsehay has obtained Degree of Marketing and Management from Jimma University. She also has Master of Business Administration in Project Management, from Leadstar University, Leadership and Management Institute in collaboration with Ashland University and, several other International Certificates in Business and Leadership.