Director, Partnership and Investment

Tiumezgi Berhe Fekadu

Tiumezgi Berhe Fekadu is Director for Partnership and Investment Directorate at the Jobs Creation Commission. Prior to joining the Commission, he was the Bureau Head at the Urban Governance and Capacity Building Bureau of Tigray Regional State. He has led and coordinated the design and implementation of various urban development projects to improve capacity for the delivery of municipal services across cities and towns in the region.

Tiumezgi also brings on extensive experience in project management, fund management and procurement management in urban settings from his service at the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction, where he was he former Head of Project Preparation, Financing and Implementation Department (2009-2012), and Project implementations Director (2012-2015).

Tiumezgi earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Accounting and a Master of Arts in Urban Management from the Ethiopian Civil Service College. He also has a Postgraduate Diploma from the Institute for Housing and Urban development, Rotterdam, Netherlands, specializing in Finance Management.