Job Creation Commission in collaboration with Mercy Corps is launching an innovative business ideas competition in Fafan Zone of the Somali Regional state of Ethiopia. The Bruh Somali Business Competition was officially launched by H.E. Mustafa Muhumed Omer, President of the Somali Regional State. In his remark, H.E. Mustafa acknowledge that Bruh competition program is yet another program that the Mercy Corps is supporting and the regional government will provide the necessity support for implementation of the program.

The Bruh Somali business competition initiative is part of the project strengthening Socio- economic development and better employment opportunity for refugees and host communities’ program (STEDE) funded by the European Union trust fund.

The objective of the competition program is to train, Award and accelerate enterprises with innovative business ideas and to ensure efficient and successful entrepreneurship ecosystem that supports the growth of the enterprise and transform the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region. Through this program 70 selected aspiring young entrepreneurs with high growth potential will be supported to become model entrepreneurs over the next six to twelve months in the competition process.

The partnership with Mercy Corps helps the Commission to scale up the Bruh Competition Program at regional level. The Job Creation Commission designed the competition program to be implemented at the national level through engaging partners working to create jobs for the youth with existing and potential economic value.

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