The first Jobs Summit was inaugurated at the Sheraton Addis, with opening remarks from His Excellency Deputy Prime Minister Ato Demeke Mekonnen on Thursday, October 31, 2019. H.E. stated “today marks the day we launch one of its kind initiative on creating sustainable jobs for all Ethiopians so they can contribute to growing the economy”. He also extended his appreciation to the Jobs Creation Commission for organizing this first of its kind gathering and expressed his hopes to see it evolve into a bigger, continental-wide Summit in the coming year.

Following the opening remarks, the Commissioner of the Jobs Creation Commission, Dr. Ephrem Tekle, made welcoming address, adding “a country’s prosperity will only be possible through job creation for youth and women”.
The Summit brought together close to 450 attendees comprised of Heads of Regional States, Ministers, Ambassadors, Development Partners, Regional Bureau Heads and Officials, as well as representatives of Women and Youth Associations, Academia, and the Private Sector players. It featured a plenary discussion whereby key actors from the private and public sector discussed on ways of changing the dynamics to steer Ethiopia towards great success in creating jobs.

The 2020-2025 Plan of Action for Job Creation was also revealed during the summit, which is a strategic plan envisaged to govern the job creation agenda of the country. Providing a new vision for Ethiopia, the Plan identifies strategies and interventions in six policy pillars and 2 cross-cutting pillars to achieve the target of 14 million Jobs by 2025, and 20 million by 2030.
After a brief presentation on the Plan of Action, Commissioner Dr. Ephrem stated that the Plan represents a milestone in the Government’s drive to meet the challenges of unemployment and job creation head-on. He added: “the plan, among other things, will ensure the Government’s commitment towards concrete actions and interventions for job creation, economic growth and private sector development”.

Additionally, the State of Jobs report was presented on the Summit which covers the current state of unemployment and the Labor Force in Ethiopia; analyze the challenges of unemployment on skills and education and, proposes a way forward for decent and gainful work for Ethiopians.

The Summit was concluded by statements of commitment from senior officials of Regional states, job creation offices and development partners to the Jobs agenda, followed by Deputy Prime Minister Demeke’s remarks “we aspire to be a talent power-house and thus need to encourage Youth to realize their potential”.

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