A joint forum of federal and state job creation bodies for the 2020/21 fiscal year plan performance review was held in Bahir Dar. Dr. Mulunesh Abebe, Deputy of the regional president which led the Social Cluster Coordinator and Head of the Labor and Social Affairs Bureau of the Amhara National Regional State, welcomed the FDRE Job Creation Commission and the sector’s job creation stakeholders. She said that the creative work we are doing this year will be different because of more than 18,000 enterprises have been destroyed due to the current attack by the terrorist TPLF.

FDRE Job Creation Commission Commissioner, H.E Nigusu Tilahun, on his part said that the plan to create three million jobs last year has been achieved. He said the annual forum is aimed at correcting our shortcomings, adding that the next step will be to create jobs for three million people from the annual plan, to support enterprises destroyed by war and conflict, and to repatriate more than 43,000 people from the Middle East.

A two-day review of the work done at the state and national levels in 2020/21 with the participation of guests from federal and state institutions as well as financial institutions. The main points of focus for the 2021/22 Ethiopian budget year were also discussed.

In addition to that, a review of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the job creation sectors and the comprehensive study in collaboration with Bahir Dar University on the inclusion of marginalized groups (women, disabled persons, IDP, returnee and refugees) of the society in the labor market was presented and discussed.

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